Paper Prints in Atlanta, GA

If you’re interested in framing a work of art or have other print paper uses in mind, consider fine art prints in Atlanta, GA. Atlanta Canvas, Large Photo, and Poster Printing offers photo-quality printing for your treasured work of art in a wide variety of sizes and on numerous paper types. We’ll gladly consult with you about the different options and provide insight into your best solution, so you’re able to get the print you need with the high-quality you demand.

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Our Papers

When it comes to large photo prints in Atlanta, GA, we have three specific paper options to choose from, each with its own unique traits that lend themselves to your overall image. Our papers include:

Fine Art Paper

This thicker base paper includes a flat matte finish in both smooth and textured surfaces that are the most versatile option for prints. We generally recommend this stock to customers seeking a crisp, clean image that looks really great when framed.

Metallic Fine Art Paper

This paper enables you to create stunning prints that previously could be output only in a darkroom. The metallic, high-gloss surface on this 10-mil, 255g photo paper results in prints that are sharp, vibrant, and exceptionally rich-looking. This paper provides the perfect way to make portraits, commercial display prints, and competition prints that stand out from the others.

Premium Poster Paper

This paper is much more photorealistic and eye-catching thanks to its satin/medium gloss finish. It hides fingerprints well and is absolutely perfect for things like portfolio printing.

Professional Glossy Paper

For truly reflective results, glossy paper is the way to go. A high gloss finish gives the photo a terrific sheen and deep saturation qualities that help colors look richer and bolder. This paper is great for wall display excepting areas with many windows.

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Not sure which paper stock is the right option for your photo? Tell us a little about what you envision for your art and we’ll help you make a choice that fully accentuates the image—whether you’re framing it for your wall or including it in your budding photography portfolio.

We strive to be affordable and honest when it comes to photo printing. Depending on the stock you select and the size of the print you need, we offer easy-to-understand pricing through the table below.

Size Premium Poster Surface Professional Glossy Surface Fine Art Paper Surface

Metallic Paper Surface

8x10 $9.78 $6.72 $18.23 $7.46
8x12 $10.06 $8.04 $19.28 $8.96
10x10 $10.15 $8.31 $20.63 $9.31
10x20 $17.71 $16.77 $31.85 $18.66
11x14 $13.88 $12.90 $26.10 $14.35
12x12 $17.58 $12.92 $30.45 $13.44
12x18 $15.31 $18.12 $35.18 $20.13
12x24 $30.19 $24.15 $39.90 $26.85
16x16 $35.26 $21.45 $40.16 $23.87
16x20 $39.09 $26.82 $44.80 $29.82
16x24 $43.19 $32.19 $46.20 $35.81
20x20 $44.26 $33.54 $50.40 $45.26
20x24 $45.05 $40.26 $52.50 $55.21
20x30 $51.09 $50.31 $65.17 $67.92
24x24 $55.21 $48.30 $74.50 $65.20
24x36 $78.72 $72.45 $87.15 $82.00
30x40 $105.15 $96.59 $115.20 $94.51
30x45 $110.02 $113.19 $122.03 $102.37
36x36 $118.66 $108.66 $131.48 $112.21

Get the Prints You Want

Ready to bring your favorite images to life in a tangible way? Our photo and paper prints are the best, most affordable way to do it! Reach out to us today at 770-722-2654 and let us show you how amazing your favorite images look in printed form.

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