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Nothing brings to life your interior like custom murals in Atlanta, GA. Being able to depict the raw beauty of an image at-scale on your wall is a great way to set the tone in any room—whether you’re curating a specific home interior or building a memorable business experience.

Atlanta Canvas, Large Photo, and Poster Printing specializes in mural printing in Atlanta, GA and can advise you on how to turn your walls into a full-sized work of art. From treasured photographs, to stock images, to custom designs, we’re ready to work with any image!

Quality Above All Else

If you’re making the investment in bold wall murals in Atlanta, GA, you want to make sure the finished product is undeniably beautiful, both close-up and from far away. We take care to use environmentally friendly latex inks and only print on durable, resilient materials to ensure a long-lasting aesthetic. Starting the day you put up your mural, it’ll look great as a focal point in your space. Our dedication to quality even extends to image preparation. If your photo isn’t the right size or you need a custom scale for your room, we’ll make it happen without any loss of quality. From business graphics to home images, we guarantee murals that will truly transform the interior of your space.

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All of our murals are priced by the square foot, instead of by the overall piece or by the panel. We believe this is the most transparent, honest way to price larger murals for our customers. It avoids the trap of having to buy different pieces to complete the aesthetic—instead, you determine how large you want your mural graphic to be and we’ll work with you to price it out based on that size.

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Bring Your Image to Life in Atlanta, GA

A mural is a statement, which means the image you choose needs to represent your decision. Whether it’s a cherished photo you took yourself, a stock image that resonates with you or a graphic that our team helps you to create, we’ll make sure your mural looks flawless when it’s installed. You’ll get the beauty and allure of a custom mural, printed at-scale and with complete emphasis on quality.

Contact Atlanta Canvas, Large Photo, and Poster Printing today at 770-722-2654 today to get started planning your mural and let us advise you on image, size, cost and more.

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