Canvas Prints in Atlanta, GA

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Some of the most beautiful art to hang in your home will come in the form of mounted canvas prints and gallery wraps in Atlanta, GA. To ensure you’re displaying a work of art that’s perfectly printed, properly mounted and expertly retouched, choose the professionals at Atlanta Canvas, Large Photo, and Poster Printing.

Mounted Canvas Prints

Few things jump off the wall and add to the ambiance of your home’s interior like canvas art. We absolutely love the appeal of this medium, which is why we’re proud to offer canvas art printing in Atlanta, GA. Our canvases are made of kiln-dried wood and put together by hand, for a truly artisan answer to proper display for your artistic pieces. We offer two distinct mounted canvas options to help properly accentuate your work of art. Sizes include:

  • 1 ½ inch frame thickness/depth
  • ¾ inch frame thickness/depth

For all of our mounted canvas prints, sawhook hangers are included for easy installation. 

canvas for printed art

Unmounted Canvas Prints

Want to mount your own canvas? We also offer unmounted canvas printing in Atlanta, GA, giving you the option to do it yourself or find a local provider of mounting services. Ordering unmounted canvas prints is also much more affordable (based on shipping costs). Our prints are delivered rolled for your convenience and to maintain the integrity of the image.

digital retouching images

Digital Retouching

Does your image need to be cleaned up, restored or retouched before it’s mounted on canvas and displayed? No problem! We’re masters of Photoshop and other editing software and will gladly provide your images with the necessary services to make sure they come out looking flawless when printed. From blemish removal to color correction, we do it all!

Pricing Table

We offer convenient, transparent pricing when it comes to ordering canvas prints in both sizes, as well as unmounted and rolled. Please see the figures below for an estimate:

Size Roll Print ¾ Inch 1½ Inch
8x10 $25.72 $27.15 $32.15
8x12 $26.01 $29.95 $32.51
10x10 $26.02 $34.95 $32.52
10x20 $44.60 $50.75 $55.75
11x14 $28.00 $32.45 $35.00
12x12 $29.60 $32.75 $37.00
12x18 $34.78 $38.47 $43.47
12x24 $44.16 $51.20 $55.20
12x50 $68.00 $79.75 $85.00
16x16 $39.30 $44.13 $49.13
16x20 $51.20 $59.23 $64.23
16x24 $55.16 $63.95 $68.95
18x24 $60.00 $70.00 $75.00
20x20 $63.96 $74.95 $79.95
20x24 $64.16 $75.95 $80.20
20x30 $64.00 $75.00 $80.00
20x40 $85.20 N/A $106.50
24x24 $73.40 N/A $91.75
24x36 $88.36 N/A $110.45
24x72 $165.74 N/A $207.17
30x30 $94.84 N/A $118.50
30x40 $101.40 N/A $126.75
30x45 $127.50 N/A $159.38
30x60 $170.00 N/A $212.50
32x48 $145.06 N/A $181.33
33x70 $218.16 N/A $272.70
33x88 $274.26 N/A $342.83
36x36 $122.40 N/A $153.00
36x48 $163.20 N/A $204.00
36x54 $170.42 N/A $213.02
36x58 $197.20 N/A $246.50
36x67 $227.80 N/A $284.75
38x38 $136.03 N/A $170.04
40x40 $151.10 N/A $188.88
40x60 $226.66 N/A $283.33
48x48 $236.00 N/A $295.00
54x54 $275.40 N/A $344.25

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