About Robert

About Robert, the photographer of all canvas picture prints in Atlanta Canvas and Prints

About Robert H. Carney

Robert H. Carney is a nationally recognized nature photographer in Snellville, GA. I am  a former airman in the USAF from 1962 until 1966. Getting out of the military actually started me on my lifelong vocation of Photography. I was young and was attending UAB in Birmingham, AL. and needed a job! I had family responsibilities and wanted to work but was not educated as yet! The job I got was as a Medical Photographer Trainee there at the University. Best learning opportunity I could have ever found in my field. In the beginning it was a job and later it became my lifestyle! I was so happy to have found a way to have an income and still thoroughly enjoy going to work each day!

While working there I was a strong young man who was seemingly relegated to carrying the equipment around for my mentor and leader Richard Gunthorpe. He made many 16mm movies (prior to video) as training films for the University. His skill was amazing and clearly as a "rookie" I was not going to be taking his job! Thus I decided to follow his every movement in order to hone any skills that would enable me to become a cinematographer as well. I succeeded and went on to make commercials for television and really enjoyed it. Later in life as a commercial photographer and cinematographer I fell victim to the growing 35mm phase of the photo industry. The popular cameras were so simple to use that many of my customers would shoot their pictures and ask me to make the prints for their use. This was the birth of the lab phase of my growth in business. I owned several professional photo labs through the years and am pleased to say that I was very successful. I still took jobs as a commercial photographer, but spent most of my time in a physical lab location. By the time the Digital phase of photography was beginning I had retired and was raising cattle in Tennessee. A fun thing however, a lonely one each day. Thus I decided to sell the farm and move back to Atlanta to buy a business I had found there. That was also the time of the arrival of my three grandchildren which have been the joy of my life!

I ran that lab business until retirement again came about and I sold that business to enable my travel and photography. Now that was fun for sure, but it bored me as I wanted to print various media as in the "good ol' days"! I am now set up in a very small, highly focused business catering to online clientele who find me through this website. I have selected a few limited products that I enjoy making and keep up with the industry on a much smaller scale! Now quality is the only standard I have to offer and it has grown because people are not all cut out to be photo printers and often ask me to make their media into saleable products for them to display or to resell in photo festivals about the country! A great side benefit for me is that by serving so many great photographers it makes my imagery so much better! I have wall paper products that are a popular and growing phenomenon, very large canvas gallery wraps, and now feature murals for commercial businesses and institutions.

Atlanta Canvas and Print provides high-quality canvas gallery wraps as well as wallpaper, murals and paper print products. Quite often many of the images going through the lab are printed by Robert himself. You may use your own correction settings for an image or ask Robert to professionally use his many software tricks to improve the image. There is an extra charge of $24.95 for this service.


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