Custom Printed Wallpaper

 Have you eaten at your favorite restaurant and marveled at their amazing photo mural? Think it must have cost an arm and a leg? What if we told you that custom wallpaper is actually affordable and something you can actually purchase for your own home?

Made from your own photos, stock images, or even original wildlife or landscape photography from Robert Carney, professionally printed photo wallpaper is a great choice when you want an alternative to paint for your living room accent wall or want something larger than a standard photo to hang on a wall anywhere in your home or business. You can even wallpaper an entire room with custom wallpaper you design yourself.

So how is Atlanta Canvas and Print able to create such large, vibrant custom wallpaper and murals? It’s all because we use only the highest quality, environmentally friendly laser inks on our professional photo laser printer that prints large graphics and images onto durable materials that hang just like regular wallpaper. Priced by the square foot, not the piece, you install your mural or wallpaper yourself and presto, your wall or room becomes a gallery masterpiece that you’ll love!

Not sure if your photos are up to being as large as an entire wall? Then let Atlanta Canvas and Print’s resident professional photographer edit them for you or browse our catalog of his wildlife and landscape photography and choose a unique photo that matches your room and your personality. And just like custom wallpaper you design from your own images, a custom mural or wallpaper from one of Robert’s photos that you purchase is also priced by the square foot.

Custom Wallpaper and Mural Features

  • Large format: Covers an entire wall or purchase more and wallpaper a room or more
  • Affordable: Priced by the square foot, so you just order the amount you need, not individual pieces.
  • High quality: Photo print wallpaper and murals look and feel exactly like pre-printed wallpaper you buy, but unlike manufactured wallpapers, you get to choose your photo or design.
  • Versatile: Custom wallpaper looks great in your home or for decorating your business whether it’s an office, hotel, or restaurant.
  • Visually appealing: Custom murals or wallpaper are wonderful ways to bring the look of gallery quality photographs and other images but in an oversized format into your home or business.

Wallpaper and murals look fantastic anywhere! In fact, Robert Carney has several of them on the walls of his own home. From living rooms to man caves to offices to retail stores and more, professionally printed custom wallpaper is a welcome addition to any home or office. Call us here at Atlanta Canvas and Print to get started on your wallpaper or mural today!

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